God, let me come to You
as an advocate for Your people.

I know the power of prayer is limitless,
so I pray to You with confidence
for these countless children of Yours.

Please send your mercy down upon
All who were seriously injured
All who are losing their sight
All who lost a child or parent
All who awoke this day to a bleak future
All who will go to bed hungry this night
All who learned of a partner's infidelity

Please have compassion for
hose who die in combat
Those who lose a child
Those who lose a parent
Those who lose their jobs
Those who commit a terrible crime
Those who have serious vehicle accidents
Those who argue with their adult children
Those who learn they have a fatal illness

Please have mercy on
Anyone who lies in court
Anyone who steals from a friend

Anyone who signs a false document
Anyone who strikes his or her spouse
Anyone who cheats his or her customers

Anyone who does not know You
and believe in You, and Love You.

Please enlighten
those who lie
those who steal
Those who are atheists
Those who are agnostics
Those who do not know You
Those who have lost their faith
Those who adhere to violent Islamism
Those who have known You but turned away.

for all these, dear Lord God,
I earnestly pray.

Please bring all Your People
to eternal happiness.


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