The unexamined life is not worth living.
The unexamined faith is not worth believing.

Help me, God, to live fully, to examine,
and to believe.

Lead me, Lord, to ponder the imponderable,
to believe the unbelievable, to know You, the Unknowable, the Perfection of all Love,
the Infinite, the Timeless, the True.

Let me, by tiny steps of trust and faith
and love, to move forward through the dark
of the finite, toward You, the Ineffable, the Infinite, the Perfection of all that is bright and Perfect, the Light of all Lights.

I am confident that if I can live my life well, minute by minute, hour by hour,
day by day, year by year, I will come finally into Your Divine Presence,
and understand the impossible, endless, pure and perfect loving goodness of Your Eternal Majesty.

Oh, my God, hold me in Your heart, keep me from pride, keep me from doubt, keep me from despair, keep me from disbelief, but do not, I pray, ever, ever, ever keep me from You.


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