Dear God,

As You know, the United States has
the highest documented incarceration rate
of prisoners in the world.

Time lies heavy on prisoner minds.

While there are some well-meant efforts
at education, and programs to help convicts lead honorable lives upon their release, overall, little seems to be accomplished: 67.5% of convicts in America return to crime within three years of their release
from prison.

Please, God, inspire some very bright educators, farsighted religious practitioners
and savvy psychologists to create finally
an educational/morals retraining program
which really works.

With potential "student prisoners" available 24-hours each day all week, and with
the ideas of our greatest educational
and behavioral scientists, this seems doable.

I have faith in the basic goodness of all people. I hope that a great change will come.

Otherwise, we are just housing people without hope and we can expect that their next crime may be worse than the last.

Let us find the key, Lord, to unlock
these minds, warm these cold hearts,
and relight hope in these troubled souls.
Let us give them new insights, new goals,
new confidence and self-worth, hope,
and promising horizons.

All this I pray to You my good Creator,
Who never gives up on any person,
my Divine Teacher, my King,
my great eternal Love,


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