Keep me on guard, Lord, for Satan’s sweet wiles
Gaudy temptations and fake tempting smiles

Steer me aside from bright danger’s allure
Guarding my soul from all demons impure

Steady my foot and hold fast to my hand
When Satan assembles his savaging band

Sharpen my vision and keep me alert
From demon’s distractions and sin’s deadly hurt

Focus my thoughts on the heavenly prize
And let not the Devil bedazzle my eyes

Turn me away, Lord, from evil’s sharp teeth
And devious snares that lie hidden beneath

Strengthen my soul against earthly delight
Disguising temptation in evil’s dark night

Spare me the gash of the Devil’s sharp teeth
And daggers of demons from pits underneath

Surround me with safety and purity's shield
And steel my will so that I never will yield

No more to hurry or worry or need
No more to fear from the Dragon’s bad seed

Bring me at last to Your heavenly throne
To offer my heart to You, God, alone

With family and friends all assembled nearby
In radiant mansions of cloud and bright sky

All of us freed now from earth-sodden days
Reborn now majestically in Your Bright Gaze

Joyous, triumphant, eternally free
Adoring in heavenly grand ecstasy

For unending ages of rainbow delight
With glorious angels and saints shining bright

The Blazing Majestic Eternal Clear Light
Banishing finally bedeviling night

Then open Your Arms that my soul may embrace
The Godhead in Glorious Unending Grace.


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