Dear God,

You threw a marvelous rainbow across the sky
to welcome Noah, his family, and his grand menagerie back to land as the Great Flood ended
and the dry land appeared.

Thank You for this symbol of hope and promise
of renewal which now appears to us from time to time, unannounced, but happily and reassuringly.

Let this multi-hued arch in the sky be always
to me a reminder that You are there,
in Your Majesty, far beyond our sight,
beyond the margins of our universe but, yes, yes, still always here, too, close, immediate,
within my heart and my soul, patiently understanding my every worry, every joy
and every instant act, wise or foolish,
kind or cruel.

May I stop each time I see this glorious sign
of Yours written in light across the sky
to thank You for all Your gifts, and to renew
my faith, my hope, my love for you and for all of Your creation.

I look forward, my God, to your heavenly kingdom
of infinite skies, ravishing rainbows and golden glories.

Please keep me reminded to stay on the path
of righteousness, to persevere bravely through
all storms, and to follow my rainbows undaunted, to the portals of eternity.


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