God of Paths, God of Roads, God of All Creation -

I cannot see into the future.
I do know know what lies ahead of me,
beyond the next curve, over the hills
and all the tomorrows.

Fortify me, please for the next part
of my life's journey, with bravery, to accept
the unexpected, with a sense of direction to give my life purpose, with warning signs
to change my course as necessary.

Give me strong bridges over depression, disillusionment, sadness and distraction.
Steer me always away from going off course
along the road of my life.

I know that life will not always be easy,
and the journey not always smooth and pleasant.

Therefore, give me, Lord, good traveling companions to accompany me on my way.
Please assign Saint Christopher to keep an eye out
for me, and to guard me on dangerous curves.

Keep my guardian angel always read to guide me
around obstacles looming in my path.

Give me a road-map with stopping places
and destinations. Show me which way to turn,
when to hurry by, when to go slowly,
when to retrace my steps, and when to stop
and survey the territory before moving forward once more.

Please give me guide posts. Please give me goals. Please give me the drive and energy to continue until, over the last hill, in the fading light
of my final sunset I must leave
all my traveling companions behind
as I hope to come humbly, hopefully, penitently,
into Your waiting, welcoming arms.

All this I pray in hope and faith and humility
and trust to You, my Lord, my Guide, my God.


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