Fisherman, Brother of Simon Peter,
you heard your friend, John the Baptist,
the cousin of Jesus, proclaim the Word:
"Behold the Lamb of God!"

Then, hearing the Lord's voice,
you chose to follow Jesus immediately
and unwaveringly, becoming
His very first disciple.

Leaving your fishing nets behind,
you became an aggressive fisher for souls.

You also led your brother, Peter, to Christ and he became the Rock on which God's Church was built: The Keeper of the Keys
to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Help me to leave my own busy distractions
as you did, to live not just for myself,
but to give myself selflessly
to the needs of others.

Lover of the Crucified Christ,
you too were crucified like Him,
but legend proclaims that you protested
to your executioners that you were unworthy to be placed on a cross such as Jesus
died on, and so you were hung instead
on a cross in the shape of an X.

Help me to learn the saving lesson
of the Cross and to accept my tiny daily crosses without complaint, so that they may carry me in the end to the throne
of our Lord Jesus.

Teach me to live and suffer for Him
and to win souls for Christ as you did.

I honor now your holy memory,
and I firmly believe that the Lord lives,
and that your soul lives with Him,
and that you remain with Him for all ages
in His kingdom beyond the stars,
and far beyond the cares of this world
in which I dwell now as a temporary citizen.

I seek your friendship, sainted Andrew.
Please take my hand, and pray to God for me,
seeing all my needs in His light.

Believing in you, I ask and pray
to Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ,
that through your prayers,
always heard and accepted by Him,
Christ may grant me and all sinners
every grace necessary for our salvation.

Having you as emissary and intercessor,
I have confidence in your petitions,
which I believe avail much, Andrew,
before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
to Whom belongs all glory, honor
and worship, with the Father
and the Holy Spirit,
through ages of ages and all eternity.



Adapted 2011 from traditional prayers to Saint Andrew

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