Patron Saint of the unemployed, gamblers,
job seekers and good fortune

Dear Saint Cajetan,

Although you were born to the nobility,
and had notable educational achievements,
you were and are a friend to the common man and woman, founding a hospital, a bank,
and a religious order, to serve society.

Tradition guides us to entreat your help especially in seeking jobs and maintaining livelihoods.

I ask you now to offer your effective prayers to Almighty God on behalf of any
of my friends and relatives who are seeking employment or advancement, or who are facing problems in the working world.

You were industrious and you accomplished much. May all my acquaintances be inspired
to high accomplishment, achieved through good ethical means.

As you loved the Lord faithfully, Cajetan, please help me to love Him too.

All this I pray to you now, good Saint,
with confidence, admiration and loving hope,


Cajetan was born of the nobility in Vicenza in 1480,
and earned doctorates in both civil and canon law. Becoming a member of the Vatican Court, he worked
with Pope Julius II to settle a dispute between
the Vatican and the Republic of Venice. He then established a hospital for incurables in Vicenza,
and subsequently became a priest in the The Oratory
of Divine Love
, working among people of the lowest stations in life. He founded a bank to help the poor, offering an alternative to the exorbitant fees charged by usurers at the time. The institution later became
the Bank of Naples.

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