Mens sana in corpore sano:
A sound mind in a healthy body.

This is what I beg of you, good Saint Luke,
doctor of bodies and healer of souls,
evangelist, patron of artists
and physicians, writer of gospels
and saint of the church.

I salute you Luke, who recorded for us
the life of Jesus as sweet medicine
for our souls.

Pray to Our Lord for me.

Bless me with the balm of your holiness
and anoint me with the healing chrism
of your steadying hands.

Enlighten my understanding
with the spiritual incandescence
of your bright mind.

Strengthen my hand and my heart
with your holiness and lead me with you
to the throne of Our Master.

Shield me from fevers of frustration
and infections of emotion and mind,
guarding me always from jealousy
and carnal or malicious thoughts.

Please be my advocate to the Jesus
Whom you so passionately loved and served
in this life, and with Whom you are now
in the spiritual union of all eternity.

Bless me at my bedside as I fall asleep.
And enliven me and refresh me with new courage when I rise to each new dawn.



You, to whom God gave unique blessings
and holy healing hands and powers,
please plead for the purification
of my soul, and the removal
of all physical and spiritual infections
of my body and mind which could distract me from giving my whole heart, soul
and attention to the prescriptions
of our Divine Healer and Master,
Jesus the Christ.

Keep me upright in body and actions.
Let me not break my bones or my promises.
Let me not strain my tendons
or the patience of my friends.
Cure me of avarice and malice,
of envy and lethargy and negligence.

Set a guard over my tongue,
shield my eyes from sinfulness,
and close my ears to words of evil.

Keep me free from fevers and delusions,
jealousies and unworthy thoughts.
Strengthen my muscles and my mind.
Protect me from malice and poisonous infections and temptations.

Shield me against Alzheimer's and insanity.
Keep me from emotional turmoil
and mental uncertainty.

Hold me, please, good Luke, upright, alert
and vigorous, wholesome and safe always,
in your holy loving protection.

Speaking in metaphor you spoke of Christ
as the Winged Ox, the sacrificial animal
in the Old dispensation, and Jesus,
with the wings of Immortality, the Sacrifice in the New Order of salvation.

Pray to God for us, good Doctor Luke,
that we have health of body
and health of mind, and please ask God
to send down wisdom and saving grace on us poor sinners.

All this I pray to you, Saint Luke,
in confidence and hope,
doctor to my frail body
and physician to my immortal soul.


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