Lord God of Majesty,
Save me from the sulfurous smoke
of Satan's sinful temptations.

Let me inhale the clean sweet incense
of Your grace.

Let me breathe in the moral courage
of Your blessings.

Barricade my mind against the foul odor
of evil thoughts and smoldering temptations.

Let my tongue burn
before I speak ill of anyone.

Close my ears against the incendiary sparks
of cruel gossip.

Anoint me in the intoxicating perfumes
of Your grace and the bracing
odor of sanctity.

Let the sweet incense of holiness surround and protect me always against the wiles
and wickedness of Satan,
the Prince of Putrefaction,
Evil and Darkness.

Set my heart ablaze with the fires
of good purpose, and with the burning goal
of heavenly union with You.

Bring me at last to Your own Sacred Heart,
inflamed with eternal love
for all Your creatures.

This I earnestly pray in Your Holy Name.


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