Tear back the cloud-curtains of the sky,
O, God of the universe,
and reveal Your face!

No, No, do not!
I would be incinerated
by the blazing Light of Your Perfection,
unworthy as I am to face You.
Purify me first, gentle Jesus, Lamb of God.

Then send me but an infinitesimal glimpse
of some far distant reflection
of Your Godhead.

But, of course, You already do that
daily, hourly, every second
if I will only look and see.

Your Majesty is writ in fiery sunsets
and in stars strewn across the midnight sky.

Your radiant Glory shines in infant eyes,
and wedding cakes, in perfect snow-flakes,
in morning dew and frosted speech
on winter mornings, in every breath
I breathe, in all the glories
of this grand earth which I take for granted every night and every day.

Oh, Holy One,
do at least drop the stones from my eyes.
Make me see the pure goodness
and Fatherly perfection which is Yours
everywhere in this world at every moment.

Light the better path for me to follow.
Open my heart to the least of the least
of Your creatures, the lonely and lost
whose courage falters, in need
of a helping heart.

Teach me, reaching out,
to remember that You are already here
around me at every moment
in every place, every day,
if I only have eyes to see.

Give me, God, eyes to see
and a heart to love!

All this I pray this day,



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