Saint Joseph, protector of families
and homes, please protect men and women
all over the world who have no real home
in which to sleep this night.

Dear God, rain down mercy on the homeless
and particularly those driven from their homelands by war.

Bless the work of the living saints
all over the world who work voluntarily
in soup kitchens, and who provide
shelters for the homeless.

Protect those, please, who patrol our streets on winter nights to rescue ragged vagrants in danger of freezing to death.

Give Your special blessings to all those
who work to alleviate the sufferings
of the least capable, the least advantaged, the least privileged,
the least loved persons
in our communities.

Let me remember to see You, Christ,
in the person of each of these,
the less fortunate who have fallen through "the safety net" and been marginalizd
out of civilized society.

Let us all remember always,
"There but for the grace of God go I."

All this I pray through You, Saint Joseph, Patron of Families, to Jesus,
God of the poor,



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