Blow! Blow! Winds of the Holy Spirit!
Blow down the intricate shams and shames
and vain self-deceptions of my soul-house.

Peel away the corrosions of sin.
Send gale-force graces to strip away
all my false self-delusions.

Pull down the tattered tapestries
and veils of my inflated ego
and let me face unvarnished self-truth.

Sweep out failures of will, spiritual sloth,
and good intentions gone bad.

Scour away the stains of inflated self-regard
and abrade the blemishes of vanity.

Help me clear out the rubbish
of my bad decisions,
and the selfishness and lazy lethargy
which defeat my good intentions.

You, Lord, Who can make black white,
please remove the false excuses
and the broken spiritual furniture,
the mold of neglect and my malodorous
failures of courage.

Bring tides of Jordan water,
repentant tears, to wash away the rot.

Let my will be born anew!

Help me destroy the mirrors of false pride,
and face honestly my every sin
and weakness and self-deception.

Shed candor on my self-reflection,
so that I may make humble amends
to You, my All-Forgiving God.

Unhinge the closets of temptation
and scatter their gross contents
down, down into the fiery gorges of hell.

Send the sweet refreshing winds
of Your Holy Spirit swelling through
musty passages and cob-webbed crevices
of my mind, dislodging every evil thought
and remnant of dusty rancid sin.

Renew my soul!

Divine Landlord of my life,
hang graces on the halls and walls
of my reawakened soul.

Re-gild the foyer of my Confirmation
and brighten the windows of my conscience.

Shower me with the sunlight
of forgiveness and salvation.

Make my soul's home pure and whole again!

Refurbish it with inspiring portraits
of Your blessed saints
and tapestries of the apostles.

Rekindle in my inmost heart
and spiritual hearth
the searing, clearing, cleansing,
white-hot fire of faith.

Please relight the candle of hope,
and brighten the chambers of my conscience
with tongues of sacred fire,
breathing into them the cleansing elixirs
of the Holy Spirit.

Stencil the hallways with holy emblems,
blessings, signs of sanctity,
and memories of Your Holy Cross.

Make all fresh and sweet again
and brilliantly bright,
blinding with fresh faith,
new hope and crystalline charity.

Then, good Landlord of my soul-house,
ring it round with walls of strong resolve.

Throw up dense hedges of protection
and rosary trees, and help me
seal every window with grates
of holy virtue, and lock every entrance door with ram-rod bolts of steely faith,
so that only innocence can pass
the threshold.

Secure my soul-castle round about
with shining angel guards
in armor of lights and graces,
so that no devil, evil,
or devious temptation, may ever enter in.

Then let me dwell in peace with You alone,
my Lord.

When, in time, my life's end comes,
please take me, Lord, to Your eternal abode.

All this I pray to You my God
in heaven's house, this day, in Jesus' name.


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