Lord God Almighty,

Sweep away the clouds and the mists of delay
and show me, please, the stairway to heaven.
Let me not climb in vain on other stairs,
to wealth, to fame, to comfort, to self-satisfaction, but only mount the one true staircase to Your household.

Please look down with favor on my earthly efforts, for I cannot ascend to You
without Your help and favor.

I have plans, and goals, and aspirations
as I climb, and flag-bright hopes and dreams:
Please let me know, God, which are holy,
wise and worthwhile, which ones I should follow and which ones I should let fall away into the clouds.

Let me learn to take one step up at a time
with the handrail of Your saving grace
and the steady balance of worthy, considered purpose.

If I trip, please reach out to catch me, Lord! If I tire, please give me renewed grace and motivation. Should I fall, please send angel arms to bear me up and set me back upon the pathway of my of my purpose.

Let me finally reach the highest stair,
and please, God, appoint my Patron Namesake Saint to meet me there that we, together, then may ascend to the court of heaven
and Your heavenly throne!

All this I pray to you in trust and fear
and love, my one true and forgiving Lord. Please make me Yours now and forever,




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