Father Light rolls over gilded cloudy peaks
shining valleys and villages.

Make us good this day, God!

Sturdy Nick, no spring-chicken himself,
cradles his ancient neighbor down the stairs
she can no longer negotiate.

Trooper Tom sends a dozen variegated roses
to seldom-seen but still remembered friends
for no good reason but a good-thought reason.

Nina gets breakfast for her 103-year-old mother and then later they will be off shopping for yarn.

Squeals of eager laughter on the big yellow buses, carrying the hopes of tomorrow
as da-glo-orange cross-walk volunteers
wave and guard them into the future.

Spiders are re-spinning their webs,
just-born babies are crying their arrival,
and tiny pigeons splash in their baths
on a gentle waterfall.

Ken stops at the Dollar Tree to pick up
jelly beans for Annapolis Joe, whose ailing leg is getting better.

Fresh-baking bread and fresh beginnings
for a world of workers:

First-day-on-the-job, Just-Married, New Boss,
New Apartment, Paroled at last - carrying
a brown paper bag of all earthly possessions,
and a Tired Typist begins again at the new computer, making mistakes, but praying
to do better today than yesterday:
mouths to feed, Saint Joseph, can't lose
this job!

One more dewy-dawn-birdsong-chance
to make the world better than we made
it yesterday.

We can do it. Push us to it, God,
push us to it! Help us all this day!




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