Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
when my final hour comes,
take me by the hand I beg You.

Be it in the blaze of noon
or the dark of night
please take me swiftly, softly,
as I shed the cares of this world to go
with You to that far better place
prepared for Your faithful servants.

I know that I am not worthy.

I have wasted the gifts you have given me.
I have not kept lit the lamp of my purity.
I have not held strong to the bonds
of my faith.

I have missed opportunities to help others.
I have been selfish with regard
to Your poorest.

But please, please forgive me!

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit,
nly Your forgiveness and understanding
can wash away the stains of sin,
the commissions and omissions,
which darken and disfigure my soul.

Father, let me be guided
as Your helpless child.
Let me lean on Your bleeding shoulder
as You carry the cross of our salvation
Let me be reborn by your Pentecostal Presence.

Please, Lord, hold me tight in my final hour
against the snares of Satan.
Let me not stumble! Let me not fear!
Let not the devil take me!

Hold me close, please,
for You are my Shepherd,
and I the lost sheep.

You are the Rock of my salvation,
You are my Father,
You are the Spirit of my Love,
my Soul, my only Hope.



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