Thank you, my Lord
for the many, many gifts you have given me:
good health, good mind, good friends,
good circumstances, food to eat,
clothes to wear, and shelter over my head.

Inspire me, Holy Spirit,
to use all my gifts wisely.

Guide me Father, to use them
energetically, generously and well.

Show me, Jesus, how to share them always, willingly and with those most in need.

Let me not live for earthly material things
but for the spiritual things of heaven
and eternity.

Give me, please, the gifts of godliness, grace and good guidance.

Teach me always to count my blessings,
material and spiritual.

In any ways that I may be gifted,
let me never be proud, and remind me ever
to use my talents and my good fortune
in service of others.

Keep me ever mindful that it is more blessed
to give than to receive.

Let me never be miserly or selfish.
Help me not store up my goods on this earth, "where the moth consumes, and thieves
break in and steal."

Help me to learn to "live for others."

Let me wish always more for the happiness
of others than for my own.

Let me celebrate joyfully and thank You
profusely when good things come to others.

Let me never judge Your gifts to me
by the wrappings in which they may come.

Let me rather seek in every circumstance
for the hidden graces that may lie within,
and the opportunities for doing good.

Keep me always protected
from the temptations of earthly vanity
and false gods, and keep me safe
from false friends, and moral missteps.

May I always remember the truism:
All that glitters is not gold.

Let me always trust that You, Lord,
not I, know what is best for me
and for my immortal soul.



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