Lord have mercy on all of the people
whose lives I touch, and whose lives
touch mine this day, and always.

Let me ever increase the circle
of those for whom I pray.

Let me embrace all men and women on earth as my true sisters and brothers,
all descendants of our first Father, Adam,
and our first Mother, Eve.

Each of us is the center
of an ever-growing wheel of connections: relatives, schoolmates, co-workers,
hometown acquaintances, spouses, lovers,
past lovers, partners, and friends.

Please let me never forget anyone
whom I should revere and remember.

Please let me never sleight anyone
whom I should recall, pay attention to,
and honor as a fellow creature
of Your divine handiwork.

I pray that I will always be
an inspiration to those I know
and to those I meet, and that I will never set a bad example, or lead anyone astray
into any temptation or evil.

Let me never speak badly of others, ever,
but speak only well and supportively.
Let me remember all that is good in others
and forget all that is not so good.

Let me learn to listen attentively
to those who are speaking to me,
rather than always speaking
or preparing a rejoinder
when I should remain silent
and carefully listening.

Let me never forget my friends!
You, their Creator, help me
to remember them. I commend them all
to You who made them, for Your continued care, Your comfort, your graces,
and ultimately, Your divine forgiveness, and reception of them one day into
Your heavenly kingdom.

I pray also, God, for every person
born from the time of Adam to this day.
I pray for all who came before me
and all who will follow after me
until Your second coming in radiant glory
at the end of human time.

All this I pray to You, Dear Lord,
my God, my Creator and my Friend,



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