Lamb of God,
repository of all good and innocence,

I pray forgiveness for violent evil
committed by Your children here on earth
and for the victims of violence.

For the "heretics" executed by Christians
throughout the long years of The Inquisition.

For the unsuspecting Christians
slaughtered in England
on Saint Bartholomew's Day,

For the beheaded victims
of the French Revolution
whose heads were carried on pikes
through the streets of Paris,

For the Native Americans across our country
violently murdered while defending
their homeland,

For the innocent victims of inhumane
World War II concentration camps,

For the crimes of Hitler and Elsa Koch,
the "Bitch of Buchenwald",

For the raped and murdered victims reported endlessly in our news media,

For defenseless children abused and killed
before they have a chance to know the world,
or to know You.

For all these sad deaths I pray
and for the blackened souls
of the perpetrators, I pray as well.

Please, Lord, have mercy on them all.

Lamb of God, Saving Jesus,
God our Father, Holy Spirit,
forgive us for the damning evils of our past.

Give us the wisdom and the fortitude
to remake our world from a charnel house
of unending violence into a shining city
of enduring peace.

Give us the grace to create
a new age of holy innocence.
Pour down on us the spirit of patience,
the balm of forgiveness,
the cleansing Jordan waters of new hope.

Save us, please, and save our world
so rich with gifts and possibilities
but so fraught with wars and evil!

Lead us back to peace and amity,
forgiveness and charity.

Prepare us to come into Your heavenly city
to live in glory with You for all eternity.

All this I pray fervently to You our Maker,
God of Love and King of Peace,



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