God of Wisdom,

I know that the ancient church fathers recognized the three theological virtues
from the letters of Paul of Tarsus,
and the four cardinal virtues from ancient Greek philosophy.

The Three Theological Virtues


FAITH is a belief in You, God, which exceeds
what can be proven by science, or any other means.

Please, Lord, give me trust and strong faith which endures in an agnostic, atheistic
and materialistic world. Keep me true
to my beliefs.

HOPE is complete trust in Your goodness
and promises, and the conviction that we are worthy of salvation if we do our ultimate best to live a good life in all respects.

God please give me hope always, so that
I never give in to depression, cynicism, doubt or despair. Let me know always that You are here with me so that I can endure through good times and any life challenge
or set-back, and even paralyzing disease
or loss of any kind.

CHARITY is unconditional love for God
and all of His creatures.

God, please fill me with Your love, and let me see Your love and You in every person I encounter, in any place and any situation.

The Four Cardinal Virtues


Let me have these virtues too, God,
which You revealed to the ancients
even before You came down upon the earth.

is the quality of considering carefully before acting.

Let me look before I leap, Lord. Let me never be slow to take action when actions is needed but let me never be sudden to jump in where
I should not be, to speak when I should
hold my tongue, or to decide before I have all the pertinent facts before me.

JUSTICE is giving to each person the respect, the sustenance and the autonomy which each person rightly deserves.

Guide me God to fairness, impartiality
and generosity in all my dealings
with all people in all situations. Let me stand up for "the little man," and woman,
realizing that even the "least among us"
are divine souls created by You.

RESTRAINT is the quality of holding back judgment and action when a situation
is unclear or unresolved.

Let me never act in irrational anger
or without considering or understanding
the consequences of what I intend to do.
Give me, please, patience, Lord,
and let me never rush to judgment
or to ill-considered decisions.

FORTITUDE is the will to act when virtue requires that one act, no matter what fears, challenges or consequences are involved.

Give be strength, Lord, and the courage to do what is right and necessary in every situation.

Let all these virtues, theological and Cardinal, guide my life, and make me worthy
to come one day to You in Your heavenly kingdom.


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