God, my life is a tapestry of many strands.

Daily, I stitch together the patterns
of my time, my choies good, and my decisions not-so-good, the attention I give to You, Lord, and the neglect; my kindness and my coldness, my courage and concern.

Help me rework my careless weaving, Lord!
Guide me to tighten the knots of faith
and goodness, to smooth out the lumpy sinful places, and to shear away the purposeless loose ends.

Help me pull together patterns of faith, hope
and charity, in colors sharp and bright,
with figures of obedience, and love.
Let the fingers of my time advance
in concert with Your grand patterns
for my poor life and Your plans
for all mankind.

Pull out bad threads of selfishness
and malice which mar the pure arrangement,
and let them be consumed in the fires
of forgiveness.

Strip away all meanness, gluttony and sloth
from the loom of my existence, and let me weave a seamless fabric of faith, of light, of hope
and grace, with a pattern of humility
pleasing to You, my Eternal Guide
and Teacher, Who fashioned my body
from nothingness and endowed it
with a bright immortal soul.

All this I pray in Your name, Jesus,




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