Holy Spirit,

A wise friend of mine had this to say:

Wisdom, it seems to me, is the distillate
of a lifetime. Our experiences, concentrated in our sometimes selective memories
and recollected euphoria, enable us to focus on tasks that confound younger persons.

For actors and directors, it is often
a fullness in voice and characterization.

For professors, I hope, it is a buoyant classroom spirit, anchored in our academic disciplines.

John Settich, PhD, Benedictine College Professor, July 2012

Please, Holy Spirit, help me to employ
my life experiences sagely to guide my future actions as I advance in age.

When the circumstances allow, let me be
a good role model, and offer sound guidance to the young people with whom I come
in contact.

On the stage of life, direct me God,
to speak wisely, appropriately, charitably, and to remain silent when I should
remain silent.

May I show Christian character
in all my acts, and play out the roles
and scenes which You, my God and my Creator,
cast me in.

Holy Spirit, please give me wisdom.

All this I pray in Your name,




(c) 2012 Donn B. Murphy, with thanks to Professor Settich, a man marked by extraordinary kindness,
wisdom, vigor and virtue

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