You know that I have worries:
some large, some small,
occasional ones, nagging ones.

Sometimes I feel as if
I am
up against a stone wall.

How am I going to be rid of my worries?
What can I do?

At times I need to take action.
Please give me the wisdom to know
when to act, what to do, and how to do it.

Sometimes I know that action is not possible.
Then let me be patient, let me pray to You
in my need, and then put away the worries.

I need to depend on prayer, and on You.

Let me now build in my mind a chest
built of strong will and determination,
reinforced with bands of self-control,
studded with willpower, and locked
with the key to my mind.

Here let me store all my worries and my unresolved concerns, where only You and I will know they reside, and where they
no longer darken my every
day life,
drag me down, and deter me from all
that I can achieve with a mind at peace.

Outcomes are ultimately in Your hands,
and I will open the chest again and act
as You inspire me to do so.

Give me hope, dear Lord, and a fresh dawn
with a sunrise of new possibilities,
new vistas, new paths to follow on my journey through life to heaven and to You.

All this I pray, trusting fully
in Your Divine guidance and Your sure mercy.


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